This privacy policy has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006.№152-FZ "On Personal Data" and defines the procedure for processing personal data and measures to ensure the security of personal data under taken by AO HSKR(Joint Stock Company). In this privacy policy, when we refer to “HSKR”, “we” or “our”, we mean the AO HSKR).


HSKR respects the right to privacy protection. For this reason, we consider "personal" any data that relates to an identified or identifiable person, or that is or could be related to that person in our company; thus, personal data is both data that directly identifies you, such as your name and data that does not directly identify you, but could reasonably be used to identify you.

HSKR considers that every person has the right to know what personal data is collected about him, to access it, correct, transfer to others, restrict processing and delete it.

HSKR is only interested in collecting strictly defined personal information about you. The main reason for collecting your personal information is to provide and improve the service and experiences that you expect from us.


  • to respond to your queries and requests;
  • to communicate with you;
  • for customer satisfaction surveys to enable us to identify where service improvements can be made and to allow us to improve your experience;
  • to improve quality service;
  • to provide updates to you about any changes to HSKR policies, term sand conditions and any other matters which we may need to tell you;
  • to provide you with information about other HSKR products and services, subject to your consent;
  • to setup and improve the ways of our interaction with you in the future (for example, by showing services and offers on the Internet that you may like);
  • to send you more relevant and interesting advertising messages (subject to your consent);
  • to assist in any disputes, claims or investigations relating to your HSKR service or warranty matters;
  • to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.


  • personal data processing is performed on a legal and equitable basis;
  • personal data processing is limited to specific, predetermined and legitimate purposes;
  • it is not allowed to combine databases containing personal data which are processed for incompatible purposes;
  • only that personal data shall be subject to processing, which meets the purposes of processing;
  • the content and volume of personal data comply with the stated purposes of processing;
  • personal data undergoing processing must be accurate, sufficient and, relevant to the purposes of personal data processing.

HSKR assumes that the personal data subject provides accurate and reliable information while interacting with HSKR, notifies our representatives about changes in their personal data.


HSKR collects personal information that you share with us when you contact us or interact with us through our website.

HSKR collects and stores limited personal information and some anonymous, aggregate statistics from all visitors to our website, whether you actively provide us with that information or merely browse our website.

The information we collect includes the IP address of your device, the browser software you use, your operating system, the date and time of access, the Internet address of the website from which you link through to our website and information on how you use our website.

We use this information so that we can see how well our website is working, how it is used and what users look at most.

HSKR's website, emails, and advertisements may use cookies and other technologies. These technologies enable us to better understand users actions, including for security and anti-fraud purposes, to find out what pages of our website they visit, and to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of advertising and Internet searches.

Users can prevent the use of cookies by adjusting their browser settings accordingly. If you would like to disable cookies in your web browser, contact your service provider for information on disabling cookies. However, please note that some functions of this website may not be available to their full extent in this case.

You have the right to object to our monitoring of your use of our website and how you engage with our promotional campaigns and advertising online for these purposes.


Personal data to process:

  1. Surname, name, patronymic;
  2. Phone number;
  3. Email address.

HSKR never sells your personal information and only share it as out lined in our privacy policy or at your request.

We transfer your personal data to third party service providers. They have access only to the personal data needed in order to perform the services, and/or whether a particular transaction may be fraudulent, and/or in other cases in accordance with the legislation.

We only keep your personal information for as long as we need to be able to use it for the reasons given in this privacy policy, and for as long as we are required to keep it by law. The retention period of your personal data depends on the type of personal data and how it is used.

Where possible, HSKR gives you control over the personal data we collect about you, to ensure it is accurate and reflects your preferences. You have the right to access, update and amend personal data that we hold about you. In certain circumstances, you also have the right to ask us to stop using your personal data for certain purposes, to restrict our use of your personal data, to correct, remove or delete personal data about you or provide your personal data to a third party provider of services. Please note that those rights do not always apply and there are certain exceptions to them.

You have the right to receive information regarding the processing of your personal data, including:

  • Confirmation of the fact of personal data processing by HSKR;
  • Legal grounds and objectives for the personal data processing;
  • Methods of processing personal data used by HSKR;
  • Name and location of HSKR, information about person (except for the HSKR’s employees) who have access to personal data or to whom personal data may be disclosed on the basis of a contract with HSKR or on the basis of the federal law;
  • Processed personal data relating to you, the source of their receipt, unless other procedure for submitting such data stipulated by federal law;
  • The terms of personal data processing, including the terms of their storage;
  • The procedure for exercising your rights under the Federal Law "On Personal Data";
  • Information about actual or expected transboundary data transmission;
  • Surname, name, patronymic and address of the person, carrying out the processing of personal data on be half of HSKR, if the processing is entrusted or will be entrusted to such a person.


HSKR applies appropriate technical and organizational measures using a combination of physical and information security means, including access controls that restrict and manage the way in which your personal data is processed, managed and used.

To ensure the required level of personal data protection processed by HSKR using information systems of HSKR, we implement the following requirements for the personal data protection:

  • Organize the security regime of premises where information systems are located, preventing the possibility of uncontrolled penetration or presence in these premises of persons who do not have the right to access these premises;
  • Ensure the safety of personal data carriers;
  • Approve the list of persons whose access to personal data information systems is necessary for the performance of their official (labor) duties;
  • Use information protection means that fully comply with the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of information security (incases where the use of such means is necessary to neutralize current threats);
  • Define basic set of measures to ensure the security of personal data in the information systems of HSKR;
  • Appoint an official (employee), responsible for organization of personal data processing.

Control over the security of personal data information systems is organized and exercised  by HSKR independently, and/or by the involvement on a contractual basis of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs licensed to carry out activities for the technical protection of confidential information.


HSKR is entitled to сross-border transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state authority,  foreign natural or foreign legal entity.

HSKR is required to ensure that the rights of personal data subjects are protected by a foreign state whose territory is supposed to be transferred to the territory of personal data prior to the start of cross-border transfer of personal data.

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